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Dr Marek Sepiolo trained in echotherapy (HIFU) for varicose veins

Dr Marek Sepiolo trained in echotherapy (HIFU) for varicose veins

HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) or echotherapy is the revolutionary new way to treat varicose veins. Therapeutic ultrasound is targeted to the diseased vein to treat, shrink and close it.

This technique has already been used for years in other indication and has now become available for the treatment of varicose veins. Prof. Mark Whiteley, UK has introduced the technique based on initial data of Dr. Alfred Obermeyer, Austria and offers training courses within the frame of the renowned College of Phlebology.

Dr. Marek Sepiolo has been one of the world-wide first physicians to successfully participate in a SONOVEIN® training course and now is the first and only vein specialist in the Middle East to perform non-invasive thermal treatments (echotherapy). Instead of going through surgical or minimally invasive procedures Dr. Marek Sepiolo now treats patients through the skin and makes varicose veins disappear.

Echotherapy works with high intensity focused ultrasound: an ultrasound beam is focused on the varicose vein to be treated. The vein absorbs this energy and will shrink and close.