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How Does Leg Elevation Pillow Improve Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins alone are relatively harmless, though they can cause minor problems in no time. But do you know that a leg elevation pillow can help the treatment of your varicose veins?

Varicose veins, also referred to as varicoses, occur when veins become dilated, enlarged, and overfilled with blood. It typically appears swollen and has a bluish-purple or red color, which is often painful.

Symptoms of Varicose Veins

The main symptoms of varicose veins are highly noticeable, deformed veins, usually on your legs. You’ll even have pain, swelling, heaviness, and achiness over or around the enlarged veins.

Over time, the veins bulge, protrude from under the skin and are visually very distinct. People that suffer from varicose veins often find they can’t stand on their feet for extended periods of your time, and their legs feel achy.

If you’re having varicose veins and have any of these symptoms, seek a health care professional immediately before trying alternative remedies.

Causes of Varicose Veins

Several theories exist as to why varicosities occur in veins, but the consensus is that defective valves within the veins are the cause. Valves prevent the backward flow of blood within the vein. They keep blood within the vein, moving toward the guts. It’s unclear what causes the valves to figure less efficiently.

Many factors can complicate the varicose veins, such as:

Prolonged Standing.



Pregnancy adds pressure on the veins within the legs by the load of the growing uterus. Therefore the relaxation effects of the hormones estrogen and progesterone on the vein walls contribute to the event of varicose veins during pregnancy.


Most older adults show some development of varicose vein occurrence.

How Does Leg Elevation Pillow Improve Varicose Veins?

Helps Proper Bloodflow

The goal of a right leg elevation pillow is to boost the body’s blood flow, which prevents blood clots, swelling, and pain. If you provide the body the tools it needs for proper circulation, you’ll absolutely feel better. Keep your legs lifted as you sleep to give your veins a break along with the rest of your body.

Lessens Swelling

Physicians primarily recommend leg elevation after surgery or injury to reduce swelling and fluid buildup. Few medications cause insomnia, so looking for an alternative like a leg wedge pillow can bring impact to the quality of your sleep.

Eliminates Stubborn Back & Leg Pain

People who work all day on their feet may commonly feel pain in their legs and back, preventing them from relaxing fully. Tired and achy legs usually lack good circulation, that’s why an excellent leg elevation pillow helps ease the pain, giving you more profound rest that your body needs.

Takes the Pressure Off

Lying flat can increase in intracranial pressure due to poor blood circulation, as our bodies and brains are subject to pesky gravity, putting pressure on the brain.

Comfortable and Simple

Using a leg wedge pillow can help settle your body into a comfortable position so you can attain better sleep and stay asleep for longer. So it keeps you immediately feel more comfortable and relaxed.

How To Sleep with An Elevated Leg?

It’s essential to learn and understand how to sleep with the legs elevated to help improve blood circulation while at sleep and at the same time, experience sorts of great benefits.

Invest in a Quality Leg Pillow

While regular pillow does its job, still, it isn’t explicitly designed to elevate legs because they tend to slip and deflate and usually don’t provide the correct angle. A perfect leg pillow, like the ComfyCentre Knee Pillow, ensures that the legs are correctly positioned to meet the ideal angle for optimal blood flow.

Position the Leg Pillow Suitably

Lie with your back flat and adequately adjust the pillow so that your legs are slightly bent at the knee. Find a spot beneath the legs that feels natural and doesn’t strain the feet.

Adjust Slowly

Now that you started elevating your legs, keep it as a routine. If you ever feel uncomfortable, you can always adjust your position and take it slow. Start by resting awake on your bed and gently transition on elevating your legs.


Experts highly recommend leg elevation for those with varicose veins, and leg pillow is essential to correct it. A leg elevation pillow helps to stop the progression of varicose veins, reducing the unpleasant symptoms along with it. And even if you don’t have varicose veins, a leg wedge pillow can still offer you excellent benefits.

Investing in a leg elevation pillow may be just what you need to boost your blood circulation, reduces discomfort, and enjoy more quality sleep.

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