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Leg compression with elastic stocking

Typically the first recommended option when treating varicose veins along with leg elevation. In terms of cost, this option is less expensive than most treatments, in addition to being non-invasive. Often times, compression stockings are recommended for patients who have just undergone a vein treatment at clinics across the country. Compression stockings promote healthy blood flow in addition to healing after a vein procedure. Pressure is applied the tightest around the lower leg with less pressure applied as the stockings go up the leg. Stockings will not cure varicose veins, but are effective in relieving symptoms caused by the condition and may reduce blood clots. Most vein specialists recommend that patients who suffer from spider veins, varicose veins, or venous insufficiency wear compression stockings. Compression stockings can also be used to supplement other forms of treatment.

Herbal Treatments

Natural plant medicines may strengthen the vein wall or decrease the inflammation that often comes with vein disease. Horse chestnut extract is the most commonly recommended herbal preparation for venous disease. Although there is no documented evidence of its efficacy, there are many anecdotal reports of beneficial effects on the symptoms of vein disease.

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