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Varicose veins occur in almost every part of the body. Sometimes hands appear to age more quickly and the skin becomes thinner and less elastic with age and exposure. As a result hand veins become more pronounced and visible.

Varicose veins of the hand are found on the back of the hand and cause significant concern to men and women. The appearance gets worse with aging due to loss of fat tissue and can make your hands look older than they are.
With the loss of skin elasticity and over time your hand skin may look thinner, flabby and saggy.

Many people every year seek radical treatment for their prominent and dilated veins to hide their age as the hands gives away the patient’s real age becoming a cosmetic priority.

In most cases, the appearance of your hand veins can be dramatically reduced and significantly improved using a minimally invasive technique, sclerotherapy.

Sclerotherapy is an injection treatment that is quick and easy to tolerate, and causes the veins to shrink gradually over several weeks.

Most patients need 1-3 treatments done at about 4 week intervals. This procedure may not be covered by health insurance.

Please consult Dr.Marek Sepiolo for your hand veins problem for assessment to help you to determine whether hand veins treatment is right for you.

All procedures performed are pain free or with minimal pain and you can expect to return to work the same day and resume your daily activities immediately in most of the cases.

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