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“Get your varicose veins treated during lunch time – without surgery !”

Echotheray is a revolutionary new way to treat varicose veins without surgery, general anesthesia, or any kind of incision. Using HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound), echotherapy destroys varicose veins from outside the body – with therapeutic ultrasound.

In the 1990s, endovenous surgery revolutionized varicose vein treatments which up to then where performed mostly by surgical stripping. Using radiofrequency and then laser, long, wire-like catheters were passed up the patient’s veins to destroy them using heat. For many years, this has been the gold standard way of treating veins.

Today, as medicine progresses, we enter a new aera: Echotherapy is the first totally non-invasive technique to thermally ablate varicose veins and the only way of treating varicose veins without scalpels, chemical sclerosant injections or insertion of wire-like catheters into the vein. The therapeutic ultrasound simply passes through the skin and is concentrated on the varicose vein where its thermal action will close the vein. It works like laser or radiofrequency treatments, but there is no intrusion into the body. Therefore, you will not be treated in an operation theater but in a normal physician office.

The patient is comfortably placed on a bed-like treatment table and then the echotherapy robot’s head is placed on the patient’s leg. Your physician will then identify the diseased veins and focus the therapeutic ultrasound beam on these veins. As the treatment is non-invasive you can resume your daily activities immediately after the treatment and no scars will be left on your legs.

HIFU for varicose veins

Theraclion (www.theraclion.com) a Paris, France based HIFU medical device company has developed a HIFU system to treat varicose veins- it’s called the SONOVEIN®. Prof Albert Obermeyer, Melk, Austria has led the very first clinical study in 2017/18. This data showed safety and efficiency of this technique which for the first time allowed physicians to treat patients suffering from varicose veins from outside the body and to keep patients out of the surgical theaters. CE Mark was obtained in early 2019 based on this data.

Once proven to be safe and effective, the first HIFU treatments for varicose veins outside of clinical studies in the world were performed at The Whiteley Clinic in London by Prof Mark Whiteley.

Now Prof Whiteley runs internationally renowned courses through The College of Phlebology, teaching interested doctors from all around the world how to perform this revolutionary new technique.

Dr Marek Sepiolo is one of the few physicians worldwide having attended the SONOVEIN course at The Whiteley Clinic in London to learn the echotherapy technique and now is the first vein specialist to perform echotherapy treatments with SONOVEIN® in the Middle East.  More information on the treatment can be found on www.echotherapy.com .

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