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Al Zahra Hospital Dubai Covid-19 Free Facility

Al Zahra Hospital Dubai has been certified as a COVID-19 Free Facility by Dubai Health Authority. This means that the hospital no longer treats COVID–19 cases.

You can now book your appointments with confidence knowing you and your family are perfectly safe, while visiting your doctor.

Despite being Covid-19 Free, we continue to take extra measure to ensure your safety and peace of mind:

  • The hospital is equipped with thermal cameras at all entrances
  • We practice social distancing across all areas of the hospital
  • We sanitize outpatient areas after every patient encounter
  • In critical areas we sanitize the premises every 30 minutes
  • The entire hospital is fumigated and disinfected with disinfectants approved by the Ministry of Health
  • The outpatient receptions are equipped with sanitizers and masks for all patients

To book an appointment call 04 378 6666 or visit azhd.ae

Healthbay Polyclinic

  • We would like to inform that we are following but not limited to below measures to ensure safety of our staff and patients.
  • Daily sterilization as mandated by DHA. This is done evening time apart from our housekeeping team cleaning the facility and nurses cleaning in between.
  • Our patients are still undergoing tests pre-procedure and may only proceed with a negative result
  • We have sand sanitizer in place that are accessible to all patients and staff.
  • Posters are available across all branches for information.
  • Patients are still limited to come by themselves and maximum with 1 chaperone (if needed) to facilitate social distancing.
  • Waiting areas are still kept to a minimum to follow the 2-meter distance.
  • We keep enough stock of PPE to ensure that it is available whenever needed.
  • Staff and patients are still required to come with their masks on mandated by the local government.
  • Sample collection is only allowed in Villa 6 where our negative pressure room is located and nurses are trained on safe sample collection.
  • Patients coming in for COVID-19 testing though only for the reason of traveling and pre-procedure are still pre-registered to limit the contact.
  • A separate entrance is allocated for the patients coming in for the test.
  • Patients who happens to be tested positive are referred to DHA for further management.
  • We continuously monitor the health of the staff and are all encourage to report any symptoms felt and are advised not to come to work if any

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